Rostislav Romanov.

Rostislav Romanov, age of 28, is the direct descendant of the Romanov dynasty. He is associated with the royal family on two lines . His great-grandmother , Ksenia — the sister of Nicholas II. The male line of his great-grandfather, Michael  — son of Nicholas I.

As the eldest of the younger generation of men of the imperial family, Rostislav is the main contender for the Russian throne.

Rostislav — is the only one of the Romanov dynasty, who returned to his homeland. He decided to help in the rescue of the oldest factories in Russia — Petrodvorets Watch Factory «Raketa».

The plant was built by his ancestor , Peter the Great, in 1721. Before the revolution, the  manufacture was owned by the family of the Romanovs. The plant produces watches under the brand name the «Raketa», named in honor of Yuri Gagarin in 1961 .

Rostislav serves on the Board of Directors of the “Raketa”. He is also advisor of the creative department , and involved in the design of watches , a special design of the «Raketa»,  in honor of the 400-th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty.