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Make everything
as simple as possible.
But not simpler.
Albert Einstein

Simple and Reliable

Raketa watches are not built with tourbillons, minute repeaters or flyback chronographs. The watches we build are meant to do one thing, and do it well: tell the time. We follow the Soviet design principle that the more complicated a thing is, the less reliable it will be. Thus, our watches use an exceptionally simple, yet robust mechanism, that has undergone over 60 years of incremental adjustments, simplifications and improvements. Discover


A military past

During the Soviet period, Raketa produced watches for the army, navy and airforce: institutions that cared about reliability and toughness above all else. We catered to the elite sections of the Soviet forces, and produced watches that would be used in some of the most extreme environments on Earth, such as by the aerial bomber force, the submarine fleet, and the elite arctic troops. Discover

A polar legacy

In 1969, Raketa was asked by the Kremlin to create a watch for the 16th Soviet Antarctic expedition. Since the Antarctic is in almost perpetual daylight during 6 months of the year, this watch needed a special 24 hour movement that would allow to tell the time without knowing if it was night or day. Additionally, this watch had to have a resistance to freezing temperatures, and a special durability, that would allow it to survive the tortuous journey to the bottom of the Earth. We delivered, and today, we have modernized and improved the original Soviet design, to create a timekeeping instrument, ideal for polar exploration. Discover

A naval tradition

In the late 1970s, Soviet submarine crews needed a watch. Staying underwater for many months, it needed to be a watch with a robust 24-hour movement, to which night and day were irrelevant. Additionally, it needed to be a watch with a bi-directional rotor, so that it could more efficiently wind itself in cramped conditions. Given its proximity to the sea, Raketa already had a strong history of making naval watches, and was naturally given the task of creating such a watch. Since then, Raketa modernised its sea collection, by adding a diving watch for Russian special forces and a specialized regatta watch. Discover

Space-Age quality

During the height of the space race, the Soviet cosmonautics program needed a robust and accurate watch for cosmonauts to wear. The product Raketa delivered to them had to be of absolutely flawless quality, since a single error could potentially have fatal consequences for the cosmonaut involved. Additionally, the watches had special functions, such as an automatic disengage system, that protected the automatic module from wearing out in space. Thus, Raketa developed watches employing extremely high standards of production, the legacy of which continues to this day. Discover

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