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This is a specialized watch for researchers working beyond the Arctic and Antarctic Circle. 50 years ago, in 1969, the watchmakers of the Raketa Watch Factory (in Saint Petersburg) produced the first ever watch with a mechanism showing 24 hours. This complication was necessary to determine the day from the night in polar regions.The watchmakers created a decoration for the movement of the Raketa "Polar" watches. With the approval of polar explorers, this decoration was named "Polar lights".

50 years in production!

The historic Russian watch brand Raketa (means "Space Rocket" in Russian) will be in Baselworld 2019 again! We would love to show you our Russian made mechanical watches, to share with you our fascinating world of Russian art, ballet, submariners, fighter pilots, astronauts, polar explorers, and to give you the latest news concerning our historic Watch Factory in Saint Petersburg (producing 100% of Raketa is unique mechanical movements).

Baselworld 2019

Can you read the time? The laws of astronomy make the Earth spin around its axis in an anti-clockwise direction, the Moon turn around the Earth anti-clockwise and the Earth turn around the Sun anti-clockwise. The hands of Raketa “Russian code” watch reproduce the natural movement of the planets in the Universe: like the planets, they turn anticlockwise! This watch is made for people who are not afraid to think differently and look up towards the stars!

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