Raketa “Submariner” is based on a unique self-winding mechanism caliber 2624. This movement has a bidirectional rotor and a manual winding function which works independently of the automatic movement system. The design of this Russian watch is very functional — luminescent elements on the dial “SuperLuminova” provides an opportunity to check the time even when it is dark, and the 24 hours dial helps to determine the time accurately, even in the submarine where it is difficult to distinguish day from night. Watch Factory “Raketa” is well known for producing watches with 24 hours dial. These watches have been developed by russian engineers during the 60-s specifically for people who work in difficult conditions, where it is hard to distinguish day from night. Raketa “Submariner”  is the perfect choice for sailors and for professionals working under water as well as people who admire Russian nuclear submarine fleet.


Movement name: Ракета Автомат 2624, мануфактурный
Frequency/hour: 18.000 / 2.5Hz(Гц)
Function: 24 часы, часы, минуты, секунды
Crystal: Сапфировое
Case size: 44 мм
Water resistant: 20 АТМ


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Submariner 0166

Strap: Натуральная кожа

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Submariner 0167

Strap: Силикон

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