Pilot Tu-160

Raketa “Pilot Tu-160” is the result of the collaboration of the two most powerful Russian factories — Petrodvorets Watch Factory «Raketa» and the Engineer Bureau “Tupolev”. This watch is designed for the pilots of the famous supersonic strategic bomber Tu-160, also known as the “White Swan”.

Not only the traditions and unique “know-how” relates “Raketa” and “Tupolev”, but also a strong relationship with a Russian history and the opportunity to position itself as the native Russian brand. «Tupolev» is Russia’s largest aircraft designer and manufacturer. They produce, test and sustain aircrafts designed for the Russian Aerospace Force and civilian use. The Tupolev bureau is also a key actor in technological research and development, contributing to keep ahead the Russian Aerospace industry.

The watch Raketa «Pilot TU-160»  is based on the 24h mechanism «Raketa Avtomat» calibre 2624. The central topic of the watch has become the image of the missile carrier “TU-160” on the dial. This concept was created by the designers of the Petrodvorets Watch Factory and engineers of Tupolev bureau. The hands and dial are coated with luminox so it is possible to check time in any extreme conditions or at night.

The Petrodvorets Watch Factory «Raketa», Russia’s oldest factory, was founded by Peter the Great in 1721. The Factory is producing watches under the brand «Pobeda» (Victory) since the End of World War II. In 1961 the brand «Raketa» was launched in honor of Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin.

The Petrodvorets Watch Factory is one of the rare watch factories in the world that fully manufactures its own movements from A to Z, including hairspring and escapement.


Movement name: Ракета Автомат 2624, мануфактурный
Number of jewels: 24
Average running time: 40 ч
Movement height: 6.8 мм
Frequency/hour: 18.000 / 2.5Hz(Гц)
Function: 24 часы, часы, минуты, секунды
Crystal: Сапфировое
Case size: 44 мм
Water resistant: 5 АТМ

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