“Raketa” for MKPS

Часы Ракета

A very interesting meeting has been at Raketa Creative Studio recently. «Raketa» watches, specially created for the members of MKPS (Federation of “Makhnovsko-kulatskaya and Partizanskaya» shooting club of Russia), were given to the members of this federation.

The members of MKPS ordered the limited collection of «Raketa» watches with its own brand on the dial. They told us they even didn’t think of ordering the watches from the foreign watch factories, because of ideological thoughts. One day, when MKPS’s organizers visited Raketa Creative Studio, Jacques von Polier suggested them to order the limited collection based on“Raketa-avtomat” and they agreed at once.

“Great watches! We’re really happy! And now we are waiting for the new brand “Pobeda” and we are planning to order these watches for the awarding of winners in MKPS shooting in the future”- the members of the club say.

“Makhnovsko-kulatskaya and Partizanskaya shooting of Russia” is a Russian version of American Cowboy Action Shooting, but is adapted for the Russian legal system. Moreover, organizers are interested in russian history of the first third of the 20th century and try to adapt their activity for this too. Moscow enthusiastic shooters have been developing  this project for already 10 years.

You can read the article in the russian journal “Ружье” (The gun)

More information in the official MKPS’ page on the Facebook