“Raketa” gives life in USSR

Test-tube babies are a result of in vitro fertilization ( IVF), they are not entirely out of the tube , they out of the other laboratory glassware , Petri dishes . Some of the same , which were born in USSR — entirely out of … watch glass .
Quartz Petri dishes were very rarely, and some scientists used quartz watches. So, Russian watch industry contributed to the emergence of a new life . And a great happiness of someone.

( «You can not dream. The Mystery of Birthday «. REN-TV)

Soviet architecture 1980-s

Russian watches: the original movie of the early 1980’s. A young man in Raketa watch down the stairs.  It should be noted that the watch`s design and the environment are very extraordinary for 1980-s.

Birthday in the USSR (1980`s).

Russian watches: movie demonstrates life of the Soviet people. History about 2 vital eras of one of typical Soviet families. In a leading role —  famous russian actor, Victor Bychkov.

Russian mafia in USSR (1980`s).

Russian watches: during the perestroika in Russia developes Russian mafia. In this original video there pun «racket» and «raketa». In this movie we find the spirit of perestroika, time intimidation racket and lawlessness. «Raketa» is reflected in the kind of advertising their watches.