“Raketa” wins!

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“Raketa” has new achievements in sports!

 If You remember, we have raketa Hockey Team in St.Petersburg: the guys take part  in the championship of St. Petersburg for several years and please their fans with interesting game and good results.

 In late October, “Raketa” team began to fight for the cup championship in St. Petersburg Hockey League, and very successfulyl: the first game we won with a score of 4:3 in our favor!

 Petrodvorets Watch Factory congratulates team with a great start and wishes new achievements in sports! «Raketa» is with you!

Raketa Cowboys: from New-York to Los-Angeles

The Raketa Cowboys, Marс Polier and his friend Bolshoi Gus are crossing America from NY to LA fully Raketa equiped. They will cross the United States from New York to Los Angeles on horseback. The trip is to take 5 months with no assistance beside their 2 Rocky Montain horses.

The Road of Empires – Путешествие из России в Монголию

Двое энтузиастов Ракеты предприняли грандиозное путешествие на мотоциклах из Москвы в Монголию.

Цель путешествия-собрать средства для благотворительных фондов, один из которых находится в Улан-Баторе.

За два месяца они должны были преодолеть 14000 км.