Students of HSE Art and Design School presented their work to the veterans of the Factory

Pobeda (which means “Victory” in Russian): its perception has changed with new generations, but its memory remains.

“What does Pobeda (meaning “Victory” in Russian) mean to you?” When this question was put to the design students of the famous Moscow HSE Art and Design School, they portrayed on posters their vision of Pobeda. The result is strikingly graphic and bold: this is how the younger generation portrays the Victory today! The students presented their work to the veterans of the Raketa Watch Factory (in Saint Petersburg) which produces Pobeda watches since 1945. In May, these posters will be exhibited at the Raketa Watch Factory. The exhibition will be called “Victory in a world without war”!

These posters of the Victory made by young students have a strong symbolic meaning for the veterans of the Raketa Watch Factory: over the past decades, they tried to pass on to the new generations of watchmakers not only their watchmaking knowledge and skills but also the memory of the Victory. In 1945, the watchmakers were entrusted with the mission to create a watch that would celebrate the spirit of victory of every citizen of the country. This is how the brand “Pobeda” was created in 1945. To this day, Pobeda watches continue to be close to the people’s heart and represent the continuous strive of each and everyone one of us to overcome every difficulty in life and reach victory on a daily basis.

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