Exclusive collection of 20 watches celebrating the 20th anniversary of the ISS in Space

This limited edition is based on the Raketa watch model “Baikonur” that was designed by the watchmakers of the Raketa Watch Factory together with the legendary Russian astronaut Sergey Krikaliov. The whole history of watch brand Raketa is inextricably linked with Space. In 1961 the brand «Raketa» was launched in honor of Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. Since then, designers and engineers of the factory have been inspired by Space. The exclusive collection in honour of 20th anniversary of the ISS is limited of 20 watches. The special feature of this collection is the watch movement printed with the image of ISS flying in space. Each of these 20 watches has its own serial number engraved on the case back. One of these watches will be sent to space in the ISS. The first watch of limited collection is owned by Sergey Krikalev, legendary Russian astronaut, member of the first expedition to the ISS. The original Raketa “Baikonur” are featured with special functions to be used in space. The 24-hour dial enables the wearer to tell night from day in the space station and can also serve as a solar compass by pointing the hour hand towards the sun. This is useful if the “Soyuz” space-craft should fail to land at the right spot in the taiga and its electronic compass ceases to function (as has actually already happened). When this watch is used in the space station, the automatic winding will not work in the absence of gravity, and the astronaut will therefore need to wind it up by hand using the manual winding function. This function includes a very special system that disengages the wheels of the automatic winding mechanism to avoid their premature use while the watch is in space. The limited edition will be presented in the official shops of the Raketa Watch Factory on 20th of November, when the ISS was started to be build in 1998. Before this release date the watches can be PRE-ORDERED online. The “Raketa” Watch Factory is one of the rare watch factories in the world that fully manufactures its own movements from A to Z, including the hairspring and escapement.