Exclusive collection of 20 watches celebrating the 20th anniversary of the ISS in Space

This limited edition is based on the Raketa watch model “Baikonur” that was designed by the watchmakers of the Raketa Watch Factory together with the legendary Russian astronaut Sergey Krikaliov. The whole history of watch brand Raketa is inextricably linked with Space. In 1961 the brand «Raketa» was launched in honor of Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. Since then, designers and engineers of the factory have been inspired by Space. The exclusive collection in honour of 20th anniversary of the ISS is limited of 20 watches. The special feature of this collection is the watch movement printed with the image of ISS flying in space. Each of these 20 watches has its own serial number engraved on the case back. One of these watches will be sent to space in the ISS. The first watch of limited collection is owned by Sergey Krikalev, legendary Russian astronaut, member of the first expedition to the ISS. The original Raketa “Baikonur” are featured with special functions to be used in space. The 24-hour dial enables the wearer to tell night from day in the space station and can also serve as a solar compass by pointing the hour hand towards the sun. This is useful if the “Soyuz” space-craft should fail to land at the right spot in the taiga and its electronic compass ceases to function (as has actually already happened). When this watch is used in the space station, the automatic winding will not work in the absence of gravity, and the astronaut will therefore need to wind it up by hand using the manual winding function. This function includes a very special system that disengages the wheels of the automatic winding mechanism to avoid their premature use while the watch is in space. The limited edition will be presented in the official shops of the Raketa Watch Factory on 20th of November, when the ISS was started to be build in 1998. Before this release date the watches can be PRE-ORDERED online. The “Raketa” Watch Factory is one of the rare watch factories in the world that fully manufactures its own movements from A to Z, including the hairspring and escapement.

For the first time ever, a Watch Factory pushes its doors wide open!

The Raketa Watch Factory, based in Saint Petersburg, will once again organise a week « Open doors » from 19-23 November 2018 and for the first time extends its invitation to professionals of the watch industry outside Russia. The aim of this event is to allow people from the worldwide watch industry to discover in detail the fascinating world of producing components of mechanical movements and to see operations that have hardly ever been shown to them before (due to the secrecy that continues to govern the watch industry), such as the production of the very heart of a mechanical watch: the hairspring. The Raketa Watch Factory is one the very few manufactures in the world that fully produces its own mechanical movement. It produces the automatic watches « Raketa », brand founded in 1961 in honour of the first flight into space by a man – Yuri Gagarin. The factory is located in one of the most beautiful cities in the world – Saint Petersburg – right next to the Emperors’ Peterhof summer palace. The week « Open doors » is exclusively dedicated to actors of the watch industry, whether they be producers, designers, journalists, distributors, suppliers, bloggers, etc. in order to be able to grant them enough quality time.   Visitors will have access to all the departments of the Factory and will get answers to all the questions that they will want to ask concerning the methods of producing components of mechanical movements. Workshops and conferences will be organised during the week. For further information, you can contact us at info@raketa.com or consult the website of our Factory. In order to better organise your visit, it is necessary to register on a prior basis.

Only The Best. Nothing Else

Your “Raketa” watch is:
  • history since 1721
  • 242 details
  • 8201 operations
  • 103 specialists
  • 1 watch factory
  • a Russian watch.
Several generations of watchmakers work at our Factory and transmit the watchmaker’s craft to one another. Time being the most precious thing in the world – we treasure the traditions of the oldest manufacture in Russia, producing our own movements from “A” to “Z”. The Russian watch “Raketa” is the watch that you will want to transmit to the next generation. The Petrodvorets Watch Factory is one of the most famous watch factories in the world that fully manufactures its own movements including hair spring and escapement.

Raketa “Seaman” sailing automatic watches

Petrodvorets Watch Factory is delighted to present the renewed Raketa “Seaman” watch model based on “Raketa — Avtomat” movement. Historically, Petrodvorets Watch Factory supplied the Russian and Soviet Navy. Before and after the end of the Great Patriotic War the factory supplied factory with various instruments. Since the early 1950s Petrodvorets Watch Factory started producing the watches for one of the most important Russian fleets: Pacific and Baltic. In 2018, producing limited edition Raketa “Seaman” model, the watchmakers used the unique technology of printing on “Raketa — Avtomat” movement which has no equal in watchmaking. The decor on the movement reflects its Russian character. Through its transparent caseback the real watch lovers can see the marine pattern from Soviet times. Raketa “Seaman” wrist-watch with 24-hours dial is decorated with Marine cardinal buoys and crew rotations. Numbers from “0” to “9” and the word “RAKETA” refer to International marine signal flags that are used to send messages between the ships. Ideal for sailing around the world, Raketa ”Seaman” would also be suitable in everyday use. This Russian watch comes in a limited edition of 100 pieces. You can buy it at “Raketa” monobrand shops or purchase online with free worldwide delivery. Founded by Peter the Great in 1721. Petrodvorets Watch Factory is the Russia’s oldest factory. The Factory is producing watches under the brand “Pobeda” (meaning Victory in English) since the End of World War II. In 1961 the brand “Raketa” was launched in honor of the first man’s flight into space. Petrodvorets Watch Factory is one of the rare watch factories in the world that fully manufactures its own movements from A to Z, including hairspring and escapement. 2018 Raketa watches seaman

“Sukhoi”, “Tupolev” and “Ilyushin” support Petrodvorets Watch Factory

Petrodvorets Watch Factory “Raketa” continues the tradition of collaborations with the leading Russian aviation enterprises. “Sukhoi”, “Tupolev” supported the oldest manufacture in the country. Today Russian pilots wear Raketa “Tu-160” and “Sukhoi”. In 2018 Petrodvorets Watch Factory and “Ilyushin” produced a model based on the “Pobeda” watches: “Ilyushin” for Victory. Collaboration with the aviation industry is an important direction for Petrodvorets Watch Factory. The history of collaboration goes back to the most difficult periods of the Great Patriotic War. At that time the factory employees in spite of blockade never stopped producing instruments for planes and military equipment. After the war the factory has continued to carry out special orders for aviation industry. In 1961 Petrodvorets Watch Factory named its watches “Raketa” in honor of of the legendary flight of Yuri Gagarin. Not only the history and unique “know-how” relates “Raketa” and Russian aviation industry, but also the opportunity to position itself as the native Russian brand. Petrodvorets Watch Factory is one of the rare watch factories in the world that fully manufactures its own movements from A to Z, including hairspring and escapement. These watch models are available in the official “Raketa” shops in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg and online.

“Raketa” watches landing in Ekaterinburg on the Cosmonautics Day

Купить часы в Екатеринбурге русские часы Ракета и Победа
Petrodvorets Watch Factory “Raketa” is opening it’s 4th exclusive boutique. This time in Ekaterinburg’s historical center: Vainera street, 16A After a successful opening on Moscow’s emblematic Tvreskaya street, in Saint Petersburg’s high-end “Pont Rouge” shopping center and on Paris’s prestigious place Vendome! Russia’s historical watch brand is arriving in the Ural’s capital. Founded in 1721, Russia’s oldest factory, Petrodvorets Watch Factory “Raketa” is producing watches under the brand “Raketa” since 1961 in honor of Yuri Gagarin’s flight to space. Watch Factory “Raketa” is one of the last remaining watch factories in the world producing its mechanical mouvements from A to Z. Count Jacques von Polier, Raketa’s creative director will officially open the new Raketa shop on April 12th – the 57th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s flight. -“Russian watch lovers want to see authentic russian brands in their shops and a good service. That is why we have decided to open our shops by ourselves. The future in luxury retail is a good combination of a controlled internet presence and reference brand shops.” sais Jacques Polier, Raketa’s creative director. The new shop will also represent the historical watch brand “Pobeda” produced since 1945. “Pobeda” is the second exclusive brand produced by Petrodvorets Watch Factory. The last few years, “Raketa” designers have been joined and supported by celebrities like Natalia Vodianova, Cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev, Prince Rostislav Romanov, film maker Emir Kusturica. The designs signed by these celebrities will also be presented in Ekaterinburg.

Raketa is in the legendary Au Pont Rouge in St. Petersburg

русские часы Ракета и часы Победа
Now Raketa watches attract attention of the sophisticated visitors of the legendary department store “Au Pont Rouge”. The new models of Raketa are presented in separate showcases on the first floor. Raketa is the only watch brand in the renovated “Au Pont Rouge” boutique. The history of the department store goes back to 1905, when the representatives of the board of the famous Belgian-Dutch trading company, which were the world suppliers of the ready-made women’s and men’s dresses, bought a corner house on the embankment of the Moika River, 73, and Gorokhovaya Street, 15. In the XX century Au Pont Rouge became the first many-storied shop in Russia. Nowadays this building is an architectural monument of the federal importance and is under UNESCO protection. Recently, the interior has been reconstructed, after which the department store “Au Pont Rouge” was opened as the most fashionable and modern high-end boutique. Only the most popular brands are represented in the renovated boutique. The watch brand “Raketa” took its honored place on the first floor of the department store.

Brand store «Raketa» in Moscow on Tverskaya, 4.

купить часы ракета и победа
The official brand store «Raketa» is located in the centre of Moscow, five minutes walk from Red Square and the Moscow Kremlin. It is the first official shop of Petrodvorets Watch Factory «Raketa». Here you can find the widest range of Russian watches «Raketa» ana «Pobeda». Address: Tverskaya, 4 Metro stations: Okhotny Ryad, Teatralnaya, Ploshchad Revolyutsii Оpen 7/7 from 10:00 to 22:00 Phone number: +7 929 592 85 32 You may also buy watches on our official online store with express delivery in Moscow and Russia: www.raketa-shop.com Raketa-shop.com customer support: +7 926 847 36 64, e-mail manager@raketa.com