Raketa scarf «Silk 2609» from Pavlovsky Posad

Petrodvorets Factory is now manufacturing amazing scarves under historical brand «Raketa».

These silk scarves are reflecting the watchmaking art of Petrodvorets Watch Factory.

When the project of making scarves had began, the Factory decided to call upon the silk crafting masters from Pavlovsky Posad. Since 1844 the town is famous all over the world for its unique school of scarf painting. Pavlovsky Posad scarf is an authentic Russian artistic craftsmanship.

The Petrodvorets Watch Factory «Raketa», Russia’s oldest factory, was founded by Peter the Great in 1721. After the World War II the Factory manufactures watches under the brand «Pobeda». Since 1961, the factory is producing watches under the brand «Raketa» in honor of Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin.

The Petrodvorets Watch Factory is one of the rare watch factories in the world that fully manufactures its own movements from A to Z, including hairspring and escapement.

You can get your scarf at the Factory online-shop and Duty Paid Zone of Sochi airport.

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