David Johnstone — an American Businessman

David Johnstone — an American Businessman — thinks the most trendy way to wear a Raketa is to wear 2 on each arm. He bought a Classic, a Military 24 and a Leningrad from the Temporary Collection 2010, and a «Cerp i Molot from 1992». He now attends all his business meetings with 4 Raketa watches, his partners are so impressed that he is gaining strong negotiating power !!! The workers from the Petrodvorets Watch Factory — Raketa indeed believe it is more trendy this way. The workers are thankful to Davis for his Support.

Raketa Exhibition Opening

The Petrodvorets Watch Factory was happy to gather Collectors of Russian and Soviet watches in its Creative Studio in Moscow. More than 20 collectors could assist to the presentation of the prototypes of the New Raketa Collection. At the same occasion an exhibition of the historical watches of Dimitry Troshin was open. Dimitry Troshin is one of the most respected collectors and a specialist of the History of the Russian Watch Industry.

Dmitry Troshin’s official website

The Exhibition will be open until October 30. If you have interest in visiting the exhibition, please contact info@raketa.su

Звезда Мариинского Театра и его необычное хобби

Рубен Бобовников — звезда Мариинского Театра, а также коллекционер русских часов. Это репортаж о его великой работе и его страсти к русским часам. Интервью брала зам. директора креативного отдела Петродворцового Часового Завода — Малева Евгения.

Russian vs Swiss made — Mark Gordon Interview

Miss Raketa with a touch of humor is trying to convince the world’s most famous collector of Russian / Soviet watches that Russian made is more sexy than Swiss made ! Mark Gordon answers her question with passion and professionalism, as if he was used to be on TV every day !!

Русские часы: Интервью с Александром Бродниковским

Александр Бродниковский — почетный житель города Петергоф. Начиная с 70-х годов он начал коллекционировать часы. Александр так же работал на Петродворцовом Часовом Заводе декатажником. Сегодня в коллекции Александра более 300 часов Ракета. Среди них такие редкие модели, как Ракета из камня, из дерева, Ракета с будильником, автоподзаводом и календарем. Мечта Александра — открыть музей часов.