Escapement 28.800 times / hour.

«Raketa’s» 28800 escapement!

For the first time, «Raketa» has produced a hair — spring with a 28800 frequency! This new spiral will soon obtain the prestigious COSC sertificate (Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute).

Jean — Claude Quenet — ex — director of the «Rolex» hair — spring department — has said that «Raketa’s» spiral should soon be ready for sale in Swizerland.

«Swatch Group» («Nivarox») is today in a monopoly situation, suplying most swiss brands with its hair — spring.

«Swatch Group» announced the termitation of the supply of such components to other firms, which will lead to a shortage in supply for many major Swiss brands not producing their own hair — spring. «Raketa» will soon be able to help these Swiss watch brands. Escapement 28.800 beats per hour.