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Russian Code

Watches that challenge the conventional clockwise pattern of time-reading!

Are you ready for a new evolution of watches where time moves in harmony with the movement of the planets?

Did you know that the laws of astronomy make the Earth and all the other planets turn in a counterclockwise direction around the Sun? The limited edition of 300 Raketa “Russian Code” watches offers a new evolution of time-reading – where time moves in harmony with the natural counterclockwise movement in our solar system: a special automatic movement makes all the hands move in a reverse direction around the dial! You can also notice the moon, at the tip of the second hand, turning counterclockwise around the Earth exactly like it goes in reality.

Who said that the conventional direction is necessarily the correct one? Are you ready to move on to the new generation of watches that tick to the beat of the Universe? Are you ready to be ahead of your time?

This watch has a special movement entirely produced in the Raketa Watch Factory (in Saint Petersburg) which makes the hands turn counterclockwise (movement No. 2615R). If you wind-up the movement manually, it is necessary to turn the crown towards you (i.e. contrary to the usual direction). When you set the time, it is necessary to turn the hands counterclockwise.

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