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Discover the Pobeda watches with textile straps! These watches lift your mood and push you towards Victory ("Pobeda" in Russian means "Victory"). If you wear this watch at least once, you will not want anything less! Your time - your Victory!

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This Russian watch "Pobeda" will make you dream of adventures. Share the experience of intrepid heroes crossing the oceans or daring explorers discovering mysterious new lands. This "Pobeda" watch with textile straps is made for travelling and adventure.

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“What does Pobeda (meaning “Victory” in Russian) mean to you?” When this question was put to the design students of the famous Moscow HSE Art and Design School, they portrayed on posters their vision of Pobeda. The result is strikingly graphic and bold: this is how the younger generation portrays the Victory today! The students presented their work to the veterans of the Raketa Watch Factory (in Saint Petersburg) which produces Pobeda watches since 1945.

Pobeda unites generations
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