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Raketa “Seaman” 0214 Raketa “Seaman” 0214 Raketa “Seaman” 0214 Raketa “Seaman” 0214 Raketa “Seaman” 0214

Raketa “Seaman” 0214

Reference: W-50-17-10-0214
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A limited series of Russian automatic watches dedicated to all the people that love the sea.

Located beside the naval bases of Saint Petersburg, the Raketa Watch Factory has been making watches for the Russian navy for a long time. The dial of the case indicates the maritime cardinal marks that serve to flag up danger zones, along with the names of the “naval watches” during which Russian sailors are on duty on board the ship. The word “Raketa” and the figures “0” to “9” are drawn with the flags of the “naval alphabet” used for transmitting messages between ships. The 24 hour dial enables the wearer to use the watch as a solar compass (by pointing the hour hand towards the sun), which is useful if the ship’s electronic compass ceases to work. The watch’s case can resist pressure up to 20 ATM (equivalent to 200 metres below the surface), which makes it completely waterproof.

The ultra-reliable “Raketa – Avtomat” automatic movement is entirely produced by the Raketa Watch Factory in Saint Petersburg and is painted with a drawing taken from the soviet archives.

Raketa Watch Factory (Saint-Petersburg)

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