Pilot 031

Часы на 24 часа Лётчик

 Pilot 24 hours Featuring a rare 24-hours dial and a solid stainless steel bracelet, «Letchik» (The Pilot) is a robust watch designed to be worn under extreme flight conditions. The Raketa 2623 N movement and its 24-hour dial were specially elaborated following a 1969 Soviet State Order. It is a watch for those working in extreme natural conditions. Until the Perestroika, the Raketa 2623 N movement was exclusively made for polar explorers, pilots, submariners and cosmonauts, and was therefore not available for mass production.

Seaman 036

Моряк 036 часы 24 часа

Traditionally, the Petrodvorets Watch Factory supplied the Russian and Soviet Navy. The factory produced various instruments and watches for the Navy since Second World War. Many models have been specially produced for the Pacific and Baltic fleets. Today Raketa is adding to its new collection a Seaman watch following the tradition with a modern design.

The 24 hour dial is divided into parts according to 3 watch systems: Russian, British and Scandinavian. The dial is also decorated by marine cardinal buoys and International Marine signal flags.
If one day you get stuck on the desert island, you will be able to navigate using the integrated solar compass or you may calculate the tides. The watch is also equipped with a double time system, very useful while sailing around the world.