Raketa starts exhibition at Lumiere brothers gallery!

The Petrodvorets Factory «Raketa» in partnership with French and Spanish Embassies in Russia, organizes exhibition called «Terra Russa» of the two unique photographers: Erwin Parviz and Borja Carsi. The exhibition takes place at the «Lumiere brothers» center for photography from the 8th to the 29th of September.

From an early age, Erwin developed a passion for photography. He was instinctively drawn to architecture, mystic themes and abstraction. During Borja’s school time, he played the role of Prince Igor in a theatre adaptation of Borodin’s opera «Prince Igor» which initiated his fascination about art of photography. The exhibition opens on September, 8th, 2015, at 19:00 pm.

The Petrodvorets Watch Factory «Raketa», Russia’s oldest factory, was founded by Peter the Great in 1721. Since 1961, the factory is producing watches under the brand «Raketa» in honor of Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. The Petrodvorets Watch Factory is one of the rare watch factories in the world that fully manufactures its own movements from A to Z, including hairspring and escapement.

Visit the exhibition on September, from 8th to 29th, 2015.

Address: Bolotnaya nab., 3 bld.1

The Lumiere brothers Center for photography